Montag, 29. Juli 2013

* 1961 *

The Ford Thunderbird was born  

2013 .... he did a great performance, again - when Clyde kissed Bonnie leaning against the red metal, feeling the hot and flickering air on the airfield.
to be continued ......;)

here are some impressions from the shoot:

 Shoes: Gold&Gold

Make Up
Lips: P2 Pure Color - Red Square
Nails: Essence colour&go
Eyes: Catrice - liquid eyeliner
Mascara: Catrice - All Around

Donnerstag, 18. Juli 2013

* Sweet Morning *

Today i experienced how it feels like to be a mommy :D

On the schedule for today: Shooting for the young label " Sweet Morning " .
Really cool bags for cool mommies.
It was was a great day with a great team !
For me it was a bit strange to act in front of the camera with a baby in my arms- of course only a doll ;D
But t´was funny and a shooting never done before - with strollers, teddybears and stack of tires.
Curious about the final shots, here are some impressions ......

Mittwoch, 17. Juli 2013

* Berlin, du bist so wunderbar *

Back from Berlin, i already miss the city! 
Although i was very busy ´round the fashion week, i took the time for a expedition to my favorite places where i also dicovered a little store at Hakescher Höfe.
There i found my new favorite summer dress <3 
It remembers me to the sweet little dresses i did wear when i attended the primary school :D 

Shoes: Bronx
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Dienstag, 9. Juli 2013

* MIMI Berlin *

On the run with all the Mimis @ Fashion Week Berlin S/S 2014

Of course i did not miss the Berlin Fashion Week this summer. Last week i met again many cool people: Models, photographers, designers and crazy people like me .....
Took away all these impressions with me for new inspirations :)

After a cool show for " Fashion Design Institut "  at Adlon Berlin on Wednesday, i was also booked for Mimi Berlin´s Underground Catwalk on Thursday.
The Underground Catwalk is happening in the subway, sponsored by Chevrolet.

Mimi Berlin  is a young Berlin based Label.
Splitted into streetwear, couture and dressy Mimi, it is really varied! 
I love the simple elegance and colors- all in all it is internally consistent.
Please visit the world of Mimi here:

Here are some making-of´s and impressions from the show.