Dienstag, 30. April 2013

Walk and Shoot

Yesterday we walked through the village for the shooting.
i also catched some impressions- have a look ! :)

Sonntag, 28. April 2013

Freitag, 26. April 2013

Busy Bee

Today i am so industrious - made a presentation video for my german model agency and preparing my next travel.
Tomorrow i will travel again to France- Puy L´Evèque and probably directly from Toulouse to Istanbul.
Furthermore i have to talk with two other agencies/clients for further cooperations.... it ´s rolling ...:) 
Also i received first pictures of the Flower girl - have a look! 

Photography: Daniel Schöps

Mittwoch, 24. April 2013

Flower Girl

Here is a little preview from the shoot with photographer Daniel Schöps
Great landscape, heat and rustle in the undergrowth - felt like mediterranean atmosphere <3
These pictures are only Hipstas from the desktop....

Dress: Vero Moda

Samstag, 13. April 2013

Today´s Olive

Perfect day to be productive, i can feel it !
Sunny day, new purchased blouse from Vero Moda, an old huge used military parker and a lot of cartridges sleeves.
Hearing Credence Clear Water Rivival.....
Let see what will happen! :)

Freitag, 12. April 2013

Housewife vs Ghetto Girl

Yesterday we had a really great spontaneous shootingday.
I cannot wait to present you the result  :)))
Love it when only cool, creative and professsioanl people get together and create marvelous things!
Perfect team - Sonja Dirscherl Photography, Melanie Goldmann Make Up and Hair, Ilonka Assistance

to be continued.......;)

You should also have a look on Mel`s blog:

Dienstag, 9. April 2013


Today, it´s casting time for a bridal tradefair.
So, i decided to put on a very natural and minmalistic Make Up.
Wanna show you the products I choose.
It is very important to present yourself with a natural and fresh appearence.
I used no Foundation, only a very bright concealer - the only one I found matching to my bright skin.
For my eyelids I choose a nude eyeshadow slightly shimmering and only a little mascara.
for my lips I used my favorite lipstick in a light rosé, only to accent my natural lip-color and make them full.
Then I put on some highlighter powder on my cheeks and loose transparent powder.
Finally, I have a natural refreshing make up, almost invisible - ready to convince the client with my presence :)

Concealer for fresh looking, shining eyes.
KIKO natural concealer 01

Nude Eyeshadow for a natural look.    CATRICE absolute Nude

Jane iredale Just Kissed Lip Plumper TOKYO                  

CATRICE All Round mascara

KIKO Invisible Powder
ESSENCE Highlighter Powder


Sonntag, 7. April 2013

Let The Day Begin

This morning i was woken up by the warm and bright sunglight in my room- perfect time to test my new lingerie by H&M :)
Love the color and the material - Bright yellow lace fabric, slightly transparent...
Tender and Romantic!
Now i want to share with you some impressions as little preview from the spontaneous morning-shoot:

These are only screenshots i made with Hipstamatic.
Photographer: Daniel Schöps

Mittwoch, 3. April 2013

Puy L´Evèque

For all who wondered if i am dead- i am still alive and back from the shooting-tour in the south-west of France.
It is an old village in the region of Midi- Pyrénéé and for one week i could already enjoy the summer feeling! it smelled like spring ! All the delicious cherryblossoms !
Here are some impressions from my stay.
In the end of april i am booked again and i will be there again. Then i will show you more from Puy LÉvéque :)

Everyday´s breakfast in the warm sunlight ! 

part of the village

Cahors, at the Lot 

Cahors, city