Mittwoch, 26. Juni 2013

Fashion Cat

Experimental Spirit and a bored cat 

Yesterday i was in the mood to create a cool make-up by myself. Normally i get it from the greatest make-up artists .

In the middle of it  - my little black bored and lazy cat that gave me the inspiration for my Make Up with the cat eyes ;D

For the face i used foundation and concealer from Kiko -  the only ones in my very bright teint.
For the smokey eyes and black eyebrows i used a little range of eye shadow from Claire´s.
Finally put on the eyeliner for the cat eyes :)
Dark brown color for my lips with golden shimmer from my heavily pigmented golden eyeshadow - that mixture gives them a copper gloss, matching to the copper nailpolish.
To sculpture the face i put on some highlights on my cheeks with my favorite bronzing powder.
And for the shine - bronzing oil on my arms!

Here is a little preview and making of :

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