Dienstag, 9. April 2013


Today, it´s casting time for a bridal tradefair.
So, i decided to put on a very natural and minmalistic Make Up.
Wanna show you the products I choose.
It is very important to present yourself with a natural and fresh appearence.
I used no Foundation, only a very bright concealer - the only one I found matching to my bright skin.
For my eyelids I choose a nude eyeshadow slightly shimmering and only a little mascara.
for my lips I used my favorite lipstick in a light rosé, only to accent my natural lip-color and make them full.
Then I put on some highlighter powder on my cheeks and loose transparent powder.
Finally, I have a natural refreshing make up, almost invisible - ready to convince the client with my presence :)

Concealer for fresh looking, shining eyes.
KIKO natural concealer 01

Nude Eyeshadow for a natural look.    CATRICE absolute Nude

Jane iredale Just Kissed Lip Plumper TOKYO                  

CATRICE All Round mascara

KIKO Invisible Powder
ESSENCE Highlighter Powder


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