Sonntag, 3. März 2013


Can´t wait to come back to Sardegna in June!!! Don´t wanna look at the pictures- i wanna feel the summer breeze on my skin now :)

Last year we went to "Olivastri Millenari"
 Experts from the University of Sassari, estimate the age of the largest tree in at least 2,500 years, but up to 4,000 years are possible.  
On a beautiful hillside overlooking the Lago di Liscia they stand, which are considered the oldest trees on the island - with up to four and a half meters in diameter, ten meters in circumference, a height of 14 and a span of 25 yards.

It was really very impressing! 
But the way to the trees was an adventure - don´t trust the road map and please fasten Seat belts! 
My personal highlight on that trip was the old big turtle on the streets:)

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