Montag, 2. September 2013

* What to do on a monday.... *

Favorite socks from clockhouse - meowwww :)
Enough to do but no idea where to start ...;D 
So, i decided to begin with the manicure.
I will have my first "handjob" - a shooting where only my hands are needed and have to look natural, well looking and healthy. Sounds easy, but it is really difficult to take care on your nails in all daily activities. 
First time that i tested a Cuticle Remover- i choose the "Gel Cuticle Remover" by Sally Hansen, with kiwi extract- and i looove kiwi ;) 
It i sa great product i can recommend!
For the finish- i used the " Nude Glam, 102" by Essence
At least you can use some milking grease with marigold for a soft skin.

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